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The North Chisago Historical Society was organized to discover, preserve and bring to life the area's fascinating history. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit, membership driven, donor-supported organization.

North Chisago lies in Minnesota's upper St. Croix River valley, a fertile land of rolling hills, hardwood forest and clear northern lakes, rivers and streams. Largely inaccessible until the mid-nineteenth century, North Chisago was home to the Sioux and later the Chippewa and a few white hunters and trappers.

In 1855, the military/trade road from the Mississippi River to Lake Superior opened North Chisago to settlement. Strong, determined, hardworking families, many from New England, built farms and towns in this beautiful land and made North Chisago their home.

In 1859, Sunrise, North Chisago's first town, was built around a flour mill on the Sunrise River. Sunrise grew and prospered. The area developed northward as North Branch, Harris, Rush City, Stark and Rush Point grew to serve the farmers. Today, farming remains North Chisago's predominant industry.

North Chisago Communities

  • Almelund

  • Amador

  • Fish Lake

  • Harris

  • Nessel

  • North Branch

  • Rush City

  • Rush Point

  • Rushseba

  • Stark

  • Sunrise


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Introducing the new North Chisago County Site, the team behind the Chisago County Project. Led by June Ellefson Krueger, who started digging into her family histories more than 60 years ago, along with her daughter Janice Krueger.


My Site is dedicated to bringing the entire Chisago County into one huge family tree. Through lots of hours research, hard work and dedication, we have created an online platform that preserves Settlers of Chisago County a living family tree, which not only honors those early family’s legacy, but also provides lasting connections between generations.

For anyone that wants to see all the info collected so far on Rush City and Chisago County, the Early Settlers, here are some links for you; have fun and let me know if you need any assistance navigating these sites, you may have to copy and paste into your browser.


And PLEASE don't hesitate to send me additions or corrections, family photos are always appreciated: Send to:

1. - site for Rush City and Chisago County researchers, find relationships and print reports.

2. - Find all info, records, and photos of Rush City and Chisago County ancestors. --Note: Most of the media items are NOT on the tribalpages sites, due to size constraints. You will need to go to ancestry site to see everything.

3. - link to every Chisago County burial on

4. Would you like personalized research assistance? I am available most days at: 651-257-2729



Do you need to get in touch with us? Send us a message or contact Janice directly; see below.

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